What type of website is the best option for my business?

There are a number of different factors for this. The main one being budget, do you have enough budget for this new website? You need to think about the future as well, it might be worth getting a cheaper website up for the time being and planning to do a bigger job a few years down the line when the budget can be much larger.

Some great budget website options include Square Space and Wix but you can\’t really go past an awesome WordPress Web Design Brisbane from this team¬†

You have to weigh up what the website is worth to you. If your website really doesn\’t get many hits then it\’s probably not worth spending $1000\’s, instead it would be worth focusing on other things for your business. If your website is getting lots of hits and you can see that your bounce rate is high (people exit your website quickly) then you have a large problem and should definitely look into spending a big budget on a new website.

At the end of the day it comes down to your needs, do you need a hugely expensive website? or do you just need a place that you can direct people to that is simple and easy to work with. You also have to consider what happens after you have had your website made. If you get your website made through a large company for $1000\’s then likely it will be built on a platform that will be difficult for you to use. When you come around to having to change certain content on your website for example adding an item to your shop etc then it may be very difficult, whereas if you get a simple little website then it will be much easier.


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