Microsoft Malware Protection Center – MMPC

Security is one of the most important things for your website. There are constantly people out there trying to \”hack\” websites for various reasons. There are plenty of ways to make it very hard for your website to be hacked, generally these people will target the easy vulnerable websites. All of our websites are created using the highest security measures and we have never had one of our sites hacked. Using MMPC (Microsoft Malware Protection Center) is one of the easiest ways to protect your website and yourself.

You may be surprised to hear that most downfalls of a website are the admin/privileged users. It is much easier for someone to plant a virus and access your website through a privileged user than to brute force attack the website itself. So the security of your website starts with YOU and every other person who has admin privileges. Installing the highest quality virus protection is a must and MMPC is our recommended program to protect you.

If you have been hacked or are worried about your website getting hacked please get in touch and we can definitely point you in the right directions!

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